Touch 7s

Why play Touch 7s?
There is plenty to learn and love about Touch 7s!
It’s fun, fast and fun!

Touch 7s is all about having fun with friends and families while playing in good spirit.

Games are just sixteen minutes long.

It's super social and light on competitiveness.

Perfect for all ages. 

Age is just a number! So whether you’re a beginner, a one-timer or a seasoned player there’s a spot for you.

Plenty of action on and off the field. 

Once the action wraps up on the pitch, there's plenty of fun off-field with music, barbecues and activities for everyone.  

No bumps or bruises.  

It’s a non-contact form of Rugby which means the game is free-flowing and all about making space.

Expectations and behaviours. 

It’s important to follow the rules and respect the referees.

Let your team captain question the calls if necessary.

Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated so please treat all participants and officials with respect.

Applaud good play from both sides and always shake hands with the opposition at the conclusion of the match.