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The Aussie 7s are the national Men's and Women's Rugby Sevens teams of Australia, competing in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, Rugby Sevens World Cup and Olympics.

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What is 7s

Sevens has a deep history and tradition within Australian Rugby. Find out more about the evolution of the Sevens programs.

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Our Foundation

The Australia Rugby Foundation is the Aussie 7s' National Fundraising body, raising funds to make Rugby a Game for All.

The Rugby AU head office was shut down for two days. Photo: Getty Images

Our Home

The Rugby Australia Building is the home of the Aussie 7s teams, and is located in Sydney NSW as part of the SCG Trust Sports Precinct on the Corner of Moore Park Rd and Driver Ave, in Moore Park.

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Aussie 7s are proud part of Rugby AU

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